Video Review: Aventura & Bad Bunny “Volví”

A twentysomething woman runs up the stairs to the ballroom. Romeo sings underneath the chandelier. Bad Bunny, Romeo, Henry, Lenny and Max dance with a group of people in the ballroom. A twentysomething men drinks a glass of wine. He turns his head and sees the twentysomething woman. She sees him and nods her head to left.

He walks through the crowd and places his hand in hers. They dance inside a store. While clear balloons fall around them, they continue to dance in the ballroom. Aventura and Bunny perform by themselves in the ballroom. The twentysomething man places his hands on the twentysomething woman’s face and leans into her.

Rating: 4/5

The twentysomething woman dances inside the store as she arranges the plates on the table. She closes her eyes and thinks of the twentysomething man. He was at the ballroom, searching through the crowd as a young woman with dreams of marriage talked with him. The balls were a garish concept to him. However, his family was old money and followed every tradition.

She wears her black dress with a matching veil. It was for mourning of a love she won’t ever have with him. The store was her place, as his parents reminded her. The store provided her a living even though to his parents it was a symbol of lack of ambition. She turns off the lights. It was time to go home.

The twentysomething man knocks on the door. She lets him inside. They dance until the sun rises and fall onto the floor when they can no longer move. He promises her he’ll return and it’ll be all right. Kissing her, he leaves, staring at her. She shuts the door, thinking it was a dream.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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