Video Review: Missy Elliott & Pharrell Williams “WTF (Where They From)”

A twentysomething woman bops along to Missy Elliott as she does a pedicure in the salon in downtown Los Angeles, California. A thirtysomething woman, wearing headphones, dances on the sidewalk. Wearing a sequined tracksuit Missy Elliott raps and dances against a graffitied wall.

She continues to dance with twentysomething women in a hot pink-lit Pershing Square Metro Station. Puppet versions of Pharrell Williams, Elliott and some twentysomething women dance on the sidewalk. In a clear suit, Elliott and the dancers perform the routine in an alleyway. Puppets Elliott and Williams join them. She spins on a hoverboard on the street.

Rating: 4/5

Missy Elliott passes by the Starbucks and the Whole Foods market. She had missed the local shops which occupied the buildings at the point. At the old coffee place, the baristas talked with her and gave her recommendations. The coffee shop had been in the family for a couple of decades. Her heart broke as she stopped by to get a cup and she saw a for sale sign on the window.

Clothing stores were blink-and-miss it. She had found a store that vintage shirts she liked. It was gone in a few months. It was a promotional area for various movies and television shows now. There was a line of tourists waiting to get inside every hour of the day, wanting to experience living in their favorite show. Otherwise, it was a rotating empty place until the next wave of nostalgia.

She takes the Metro Station and waits for a train. The canopy was okay. It was an effort to the update the station. However, she preferred it without it. Other than the neon lights, most of the station had been redone. At some point, even the neon lights would be simply a page on the website someday.

Directors: Dave Meyers & Missy Elliott Year: 2015

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