Video Review: Scotty McCreery “You Time”

Scotty McCreery and his band perform on stage. A twentysomething woman, wearing a wedding gown and veil, smiles at the twentysomething man as they sit in his pick-up truck. At night, they dance in the road. He covers her eyes as they walk into their home. She squeals as he shows her the key and hugs him.

They dance in their home. As they sit on the couch, he kisses her hand. Reading a cookbook, the twentysomething woman drops some vegetables into a boiling pot. In the family room, she puts on a cowboy hat and dances while he plays the guitar on the couch. She gives him a t-shirt as he packs his suitcase in their bedroom. They kiss.

As she sleeps, he kisses her forehead and grabs his cowboy hat on the mantle. McCreery motions for him to get him into the van. The twentysomething man plays guitar with McCreery’s band on stage. She talks with him on the phone as he sits at a table at the venue. The twentysomething woman grins as she stands backstage. The twentysomething man puts his arm around her as they walk out of the venue.

Rating: 4/5

The twentysomething woman stands by the window as she waits for the furniture people to arrive. The twentysomething man pulls her away from her neck and tells her they should be soon. She says she was hoping they’d be here before he left. He says he can squeeze in ten more minutes. She says it’s okay and tells him to he can’t be late for his show.

The twentysomething woman gags as she takes a bite of her roast. It was horrible. It was a good thing it was just her. The twentysomething man was touring in the next state. Perhaps she overcooked it? It did seem like it had enough seasoning. She orders a pizza on her phone.

The twentysomething man asks her where she puts the towels. She says it’s in closest to the bathroom. He opens the closet and tells her he’ll be with her at her doctor’s appointment. The twentysomething kisses him on the cheek flicks her wrists and says she’s fine. It’s just a little bug. The twentysomething man insists he can cancel. The twentysomething woman says it’s not a big deal and she’ll see him in a few days.

Director: Brianna Fish Year: 2021

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