Video Review: Nena “99 Luftballoons”

Nena stares ahead while at a military training camp in the Netherlands. Carlo, Jurgen, Rolf and Uwe play their instruments on the field while hunter green and cardinal red smoke billows behind them. Hands in her pockets, she walks away from the white and royal blue smoke. She kicks a couple of balloons.

At night, balloons fly in the air as they continue to perform. Nena claps along as they play. Several explosions occur. Nena covers her ears. She walks by some trees and picks up a red balloon. Hitting it with her hand, she lets it go.

Rating: 4/5

The war wasn’t over. Nena had learned to live with it. It had become an everyday part of life. There were places to avoid. She had her information on her at all times. Without it, she might not ever be able to go home. Checkpoints divided up the streets. She didn’t go out much anymore.

Nena hits the ground and covers her face. Some children cry. A fortysomething man calls out for her mother. A man asks if everyone is okay. A man shouts “my arm!” Nena crawls on the pavement and enters the store. Her arms around her knees, she sits by an empty shelf while the owner cries by the register.

Troops walk into town and Nena pauses as she walks. They tell her “good day ma’am.” One soldier says they have some food and clothes in their tanks. He hands some blankets and canned food to Nena. Nena carries it with her and runs home. As the soldiers guard the city, she thinks of how long they’ll stay. The peace was temporary.

Director: N/A Year: 1983

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