Video Review: Becky Hill & David Guetta “Remember”

Becky Hill sits on a couch in her home. A neon “Cocktails” sign hangs above her. A statue of David lies on the floor with rope around it. Four twentysomething woman join her and dance in the family room. A jukebox sits in the corner.

The four twentysomething women pick up the statue. Hill points at it as she talks to it. She knocks it down and dances with the twentysomething women. Hill and her friends walk in the electric blue-lit library. They give her a hug. Hill walks up the stairs and the twentysomething women follow her. She joins them as they dance on the landing. Hill dances against a lavender moon against an electric blue background.

Rating: 2/5

Becky Hill chooses a book in her library. She must’ve read it about 4 years ago. While dating her ex-boyfriend, she had bought books and placed them on the shelf. Whenever she had time, she’d read them. However, she spent a majority of her days with him and wasn’t home much.

Sitting in her chair, she turns a page of her book. The main character was similar to her. She was trying to get to know herself again after leaving a relationship. While reading it years ago, she thought the main character had been impulsive. But she sees the main character’s side now. The neon shines in her eyes. She shuts off the sign and thinks she might start by getting rid of any neon in her home.

Her phone rings and her friend says she brought pizza. They are having a Girls’ Night. Hill couldn’t even remember her last Girls’ Night. Her friends hug her and say they missed her. She says she’s glad to see them and tells them to sit down. Her second friend plays a song on the jukebox and they dance in the family room.

Director: Carly Cussan Year: 2021

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