Video Review: C + C Music Factory, Martha Walsh & Freedom Williams “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)”

The back of Zelma’s dress waves behind her as she performs. Several twentysomething people dance against a white background. Zelma stands on the tip of a black square against the white background. Cole turns on a gear. Written on the screen, it says “the producer.”

On the side of the screen, it reads “slammin'” as a twentysomething man turns his hat. Freedom A white laser circles Freedom Williams as he raps against a sky blue background. Zelma points to the right. A image appears, reading “D Train Girl.” Freedom balances on one leg on a rotating black square. A thirtysomething man holds a bicycle wheel. Against a white background, a woman in silhouette raises her hands as the word “sweat” circles around her.

A second thirtysomething man holds a 2-year-old boy in his arms and points. A thirtysomething woman moves her arms as a 7-year-old girl looks up to her. A twentysomething woman carries a bicycle and flicks her earrings. A second thirtysomething woman bites on her handkerchief. Several children play Double Dutch, which is stated in the bottom of the screen.

Rating: 5/5

The twentysomething woman puts on her favorite hat and earrings. In her garage, she takes out her bicycle and rides it through the city. A few twentysomething men carry their boomboxes. She places her bicycle by the window of the store and dances with them. They follow along with her steps. She proclaims to turn the radio up as she leaps in the air. A couple of people clap for her. She stands up, telling them it was fun and walks back home with her bicycle.

A 7-year-old girl practices her dance routine at home. She stomps her foot and says she’ll never get it. Sitting on the floor, she says she doesn’t want to dance anymore. The thirtysomething woman puts a cassette into the stereo and moves her hips. She urges her daughter to join her. The 7-year-old girl stands up and stares. The thirtysomething woman twirls her and the 7-year-old girl laughs.

A twentysomething man performs a run of cartwheels. His coach at the gym tells him he’s improving. The twentysomething man, his hands on his hips, puts on his headphones and dances on the mat. His coach tells him he’s including the moves into his floor routine. The twentysomething man says he may just win Worlds with it.

Director: Marcus Nispel Year: 1990

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