Video Review: Jadakiss & Anthony Hamilton “Why”

An infomercial plays on television. A man looks at a ballot. Jadakiss sits in his chair in the family room and continues to change the station. He walks around in his home. Turning his head, he sees a twentysomething man sitting in a cell. He sits in the cell and talks with the twentysomething man.

On the sidewalk, he holds up two compact discs and runs from two police officers. His jacket comes off and he talks on the sidewalk with a group of people. A fortysomething man, with his foot on the table, presses the remote as he watches television. Anthony Hamilton leans against a fence as he sings on the sidewalk. A fiftysomething man, sitting with a fiftysomething woman on the couch, tries to get his television work. A twentysomething man slaps his phone on his palm to get it working again.

Jadakiss, a reporter on television, discusses the latest news during a broadcast. The fortysomething man tries to turn him off. A second twentysomething woman holds up a sign at a protest, reading “ask why”. A second twentysomething man walks with a “Buck Fush.” Jadakiss leads the protest as the group of people walk in the street. A fiftysomething man, a reporter, asks him a question. Jadakiss takes the microphone and talks.

Jadakiss, a homeless man, stands by the liquor store, holding up his cardboard sign. Hamilton joins the protest and walks with the group of people.

Rating: 5/5

Jadakiss turns off George W. Bush as he gives a speech television. The then-President wasn’t speaking to him. The nation was involved in another war. Bush was lying about the weapons of mass destruction. Thousands of people were going to overseas and fight over a powerful man’s grudge. He signs up online to organize a protest.

Jadakiss hands a homeless man twenty dollars. The homeless man folds his hands in prayer and walks to a hot dog stand. It was the most food he had in awhile. Anthony Hamilton approaches him and says he’s with the protest. He steps back. Hamilton tells him he’s working with a local non-profit in regards to homelessness and says he can help him. He walks with Hamilton to the shelter.

Jadakiss hugs a thirtysomething cousin goodbye. He tells his cousin to stay safe. His cousin says he’s really scared and doesn’t want to go. Jadakiss continues to hug his cousin. His cousin tells him he’s his best friend. Jadakiss tells him they are not having the conversation. He’s coming back. His cousin stares at the table, his drink untouched.

Director: N/A Year: 2004–0AQA

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