Video Review: The Band Perry “All Your Life”

Neil, Kimberly and Reid ride in a car, circa 1900s, in a field. A twentysomething man waves his top hat as he says hello. A thirtysomething woman approaches their car. Kimberly, Neil, and Reid perform in the field. The twentysomething man kisses Kimberly’s hand.

Against the starry backdrop, the Perrys’ friends pose for photos. A second twentysomething woman holds up a tarot card. Kimberly, with a parasol, sits on the grass while Neil and Reid play next to her. A chalkboard sign on their car reads: “Band Perrys. Purveyors of Performance.” A thirtysomething woman lets a snake run through her hands as the camera flashes. Their friends and Kimberly cheer Neil and Reid on as they fight on stage.

The second twentysomething woman reads Neil’s hand in the tent. Reid talks with the thirtysomething woman in the tent. The twentysomething man watches as Kimberly balances on a piece of wood. A third twentysomething man catches her. She leans against the tree as she talks with the twentysomething man. He gives her a small flower and places his hat on her head.

Kimberly, Neil and Reid pose for a photo. Kimberly holds a stack of her letters to chest as she stands in the tent. With mascara streaked eyes, she sits in a chair for photos. Back in the tent, she takes jars out of a box and places them on a table. The rain falls on her arm as she rests her head on the table. Kimberly waves goodbye at their friends as she sits in the back of the car.

Rating: 2.5/5

Each letter had a promise of the twentysomething man leaving his entire life behind. A life of wealth was dull and riskless. He wanted to be on the road and be an acrobat in the circus. Kimberly urged him to join her and live in every city with her. But there was usually a reason stopping him.

The twentysomething woman places her cards in a shelf as Kimberly asks her to tell her what she knows. She brushes her away from Kimberly’s face and says she already knows. Kimberly turns her head away and bites her lip. The twentysomething woman says the man won’t ever do anything that would harm his money.

The twentysomething man wasn’t in the next city. His family owned the hotel where they were playing. He had called in a favor. The clerk at the front desk said she wasn’t authorized to give any personal information to guests. Kimberly gulps and tells her brothers they need to warm up.

Director: David McClister Year: 2011

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