Video Review: The Weeknd “Take My Breath”

As the sun rises, The Weeknd walks in the city. He eventually walks into a tunnel. Lit in cobalt, he dances in the crowd as the lights flash. A twentysomething woman leans against a thick gray column. He weaves through the crowd to find her. She sits on a chair next to him.

She breathes in oxygen with a mask and they dance. They sit together and talk in one of the rooms. She puts an oxgyen mask over his nose. While dancing in the crowd, he continues to breathe in oxygen and holds onto the twentysomething woman. The twentysomething places his braids around his neck and pulls. The Weeknd grabs his throat. She kicks him and lets go of her braids. The Weeknd reaches for his oxygen mask. He lies on the floor and tries to breathe. She walks away. He gasps for air as he continues to lie on the floor.

Rating: 0/5

The twentysomething woman mocks a COVID-19 victim as she spins around the floor, saying “help me” with dramatic pauses. She says she’s still living her life and it’s only a virus. The people gathered around back away and talk with their friends. She whips her braids and says they can’t escape death forever.

The Weeknd sees the madness within her and clings to her body. There was no need to be afraid. She knew what she was doing. It was test of his want to live and was almost spiritual, knowing she could decide.

It was only a couple of minutes. He was barely unconscious. However, it seemed as though he was straddling between living and death. Checking his throat, he rubs the burn from her braid and winces. Placing his hands by his ear, he lies on the floor, comforted by the cold.

 Director: Cliqua Year: 2021

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