Video Review: P.M. Dawn “Looking Through Patient Eyes”

In black-and-white, DJ Minutemix walks on the beach. He walks into a church. Lit in royal blue, Prince Be and Minutemix sing inside the church. A twentysomething woman, wearing a veil, walks in the aisle. Back in black-and-white, Be holds a cross in his palm.

In color, a dove flies in the church. Be grips the cross. He holds the doves in his hands. Back in royal blue, Minutemix sits in a pew and shakes his head. In black-and-white, a person washes their hands. Back in color, a candle burns. Be blows it out. Three versions of Be sit in a pew.

Rating: 2.5/5

Prince Be and DJ Minutemix walk into church late. Some people turn to glare at them. They sit in the last pews. Be closes his eyes as he repeats the prayers. Minutemix nods during the sermon. During communion, Be returns to the pew and asks God for forgiveness. He hasn’t been to church lately and he knows He isn’t angry. Minutemix apologizes for drinking liquor at a party.

The priest notes they haven’t been to church in a long time. Be says they’ve been really busy trying to get themselves established. The priest says God notices if they don’t take time to be with Him. He says if their careers are meant to be, it will be based on their belief in Him.

Be skips some shifts at work. His boss tells him he has to put in time in. Be says he’s sorry. Church is really important to him. His boss says he’ll remove his availability for Sundays. Be thanks him. In the car, he says, “Jesus, thank you for helping me.” He walks into church late again on Wednesday afternoon and bows his head in shame as the priest side-eyes him.

Director: N/A Year: 1993

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