Video Review: Chrisette Michele “Epiphany”

Chrisette Michele sits on her bed and looks at the city at night. She plays the piano. Back on the bed, she reads a message on her cell phone and shakes her head. In flashback, she laughs with a twentysomething man (Drake) as she plays the guitar on the couch. He plays video games on the couch as she side-eyes him.

She walks to a counter and glances at a framed photo of her with the twentysomething man. In black-and-white, she argues with him in the kitchen. At night, she opens the window and stands on the balcony. As the sun rises, she sings on the rooftop. Back in the bedroom, she picks up a cardboard box and puts his skateboard in it. She puts some books and the picture in the box. Her friends smile as they wait for her on the sidewalk. She tosses the box by the door and walks with her friends.

Rating: 3/5

Chrisette Michele blocks the twentysomething man on her cell phone. He was inventing reasons to talk her. In the last couple days, he texted her about his skateboard, a talk and bitter message telling her she’s petty. Michele had made her decision to end the relationship. It occurred to her while she was sitting in the bedroom of her apartment, wondering where he was.

Her landlord hands her a new key and says the lock has been changed. Michele places the copies in the trash. She fixes herself a drink. One of her friends had taken the beer. She couldn’t stand it. Mimosas were her preferred drink. The twentysomething man drank beer each day. He had her refrigerator stocked with it. leaving room for little else.

She dances with her friends at the club. A second twentysomething man talks to her at the counter. She accepts his number. Perhaps she’ll call him. As she sips on her drink, she sees another twentysomething man in the corner. She had plenty of choice.

Director: N/A Year: 2009

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