Video Review: Jordan Davis & Luke Bryan “Buy Dirt”

In black-and-white, Jordan Davis plays guitar in a field. As he continues to play, it changes to color. Back in black-and-white, a seventysomething man sits on a chair, staring at the field. A 12-year-old girl and 10-year-old boy walk in the field and into the barn. The 12-year-old girl holds eggs in her hands.

Back in color, Luke Bryan joins Davis on the field. In black-and-white, a thirtysomething woman parks her car by the farm. She walks with a cow. A 8-year-old boy sits on the porch with his dogs. A sixtysomething woman looks out the window of her home. In silhouette, a twentysomething men gets down on one knee as he proposes to a twentysomething woman inside the barn. The thirtysomething man and women sit in their truck. In color, Davis and Bryan stand in the field.

Rating: 5/5

Jordan Davis feeds the chickens at his family’s farm. The seventysomething man pats him on the arm, telling him he appreciates the help. Davis says it’s the least he could do. He continues to feed the animals as his grandparents sleep.

The farm had been in the family for decades. He and his brother worked with his grandparents on the weekend. His grandpa taught him how to drive the tractor. At 16, he was sending the produce to the local grocery store. It was there he met his first love and now-wife, stocking vegetables in the aisles.

His 10-year-old boy carries the milk from the cows. He asks Davis if the farm is going to survive. Davis says he didn’t know. His grandfather wasn’t one to talk finances. His grandmother kept the books. In the kitchen, he asks his grandma if the farm is doing okay. His grandmother tells him there’s no reason to worry. Davis says if there’s anything he could do, like if it needed to be sold. His grandma shushes him and says it’s rumors and they won’t ever let anyone have their land.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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