Video Review: Nas “Rare”

In black-and-white, a 10-year-old boy studies the chessboard as he plays in a park. Nas places a chess piece on a table. He sits on the couch, stares at it and then flips it. A thirtysomething women walks into the family room. She drops ice into a glass and drinks. He watches her as she holds her glass. She sits beside him, resting her head on his chest.

A heart beats. Nas watches glasses and liquid paused in air as he continues to sit on the couch. He raps in a hallway. In color, he walks. Back in black-and-white, he takes the elevator with a group of men in suits. The men set up tables and the gameboards. Nas walks by the men and plays a game of chess. It switches to color as Nas sits in a chair and thinks. Back in black-and-white, he throws the piece on the table again.

Rating: 4/5

Nas shakes the hand of his competitor, a fortysomething man. The fortysomething man had traveled overseas to play chess since he was a teenager. The fortysomething man tells him losing to him was a pleasure. He says he should be the world champion. Nas nods and says he tries to fit them in between work.

He studies the chess board as he sits in the family room. Taking out the pieces, he arranges them and plays the different strategies. He had been knocked out of one competition for a careless mistake. It shook his confidence for awhile and he didn’t attend another competition. The fortysomething man urged him to return.

Nas thinks as he plans his next move. The clock ticks by him. He glances at it and back at the board. With only ten minutes left in his turn, he chooses his move. The twentysomething man’s eyes remain on the board. The twentysomething man was featured in the latest magazine and under pressure. He makes his move. Nas takes his turn. The twentysomething man wouldn’t be able to recover from his mistake. The twentysomething man stands up and walks away. Nas stands up and is declared the national winner.

Director: Savannah Setten Year: 2021

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