Video Review: Lil Tecca & Gunna “Repeat It”

On a violet-lit floorplan, Lil Tecca raps on his bed. A twentysomething woman lies on a bed as he stands underneath the ceiling fan. A car drives down the violet-lit road. Tecca hangs out of the golden truck. Snow falls on Tecca and Gunna as they stand in an office as lights flash.

Multiple Teccas dance against a violet background. Isolated apartments from the skyscrapers run by him. The apartments stand in the invisible apartments. Snow falls as Tecca raps in the street. A group of people dance in the office with Tecca and Gunna. Gunna stands in a violet-lit greenhouse. Tecca continues to hang out of the golden light truck.

Rating: 2.5/5

Lil Tecca returns home from his shift in the middle of the night. He puts on some television and watches it in the dark. The neon sign from the bar shuts off as he closes his eyes on the couch. The twentysomething woman nudges him awake and says he’s going to be late. He washes his face in the bathroom and changes into a clean pair of clothes.

Gunna waves “hello” to Tecca. Tecca hangs up his jacket and puts on his apron. He pulls a cart out of the stockroom and begins add meat to the deli. Gunna comments he looks tired. Tecca says he had to work last night. Gunna tells him he had first day off in awhile. Tecca says he won’t get any time off for another two weeks. He says rent keeps going up in his building. Two days off is a luxury. Gunna says he stayed with various people when he first moved here.

Tecca talks with a mutual friend through Gunna at his party. The mutual friend says he’s looking for roommates. He and his girlfriend can move in. Tecca says he’ll consider it. The mutual friend says he has to know by the end of the week. He has a couple of people interested. His girlfriend pulls him aside and says they’ll make it work. Tecca says  he’s exhausted. She crosses her arms and tells him “okay.”

Director: Stripmall Year: 2021

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