Video Review: Suzanne Vega “Luka”

In cornflower blue, Suzanne Vega sits on the steps of her apartment building in New York City, New York. Three 8-year-old boys run on the sidewalk. An 8-year-old boy (Jason Cerbone) races to the steps. He pauses as he walk up the stairs. His animated feet continue to walk.

A ball bounces on the steps. The 8-year-old boy turns the doorknob and enters his apartment. Vega plays guitar against a black background. Her hand and guitar become animated. She touches the railing as she walks in the park. As she takes off her hat, she’s animated as she shake out her hair. The 8-year-old boy sits on a swing. A light turns on in an apartment. Vega continues to walk in the park.

Rating: 3/5

Suzanne Vega puts on earplugs as she hears the whip slashing the 8-year-old boy’s arm. She turns a page in her book as the vases break and the thirtysomething woman screams. Vega wasn’t going to be the one to call the police. She’d done it once and the thirtysomething woman denied it all. She figured she wasn’t going to help anymore.

She stands in the elevator and waits for the 8-year-old boy. He usually talked to her about cartoons and games. She gave him a handheld version of one of her favorite games. Sometimes they played in the lobby. His father came barreling down the staircase. He called her a whore while pulling the boy away from her. The front desk avoided his gaze as he marched his son back into the elevator.

In the newspaper, she sees a picture of the 8-year-old boy and his mother. They had been found near a lake. She closes the section and finds the features. There was a Tom Hanks interview headlining the section. She reads about his next movie and decides to keep an eye on it. It’ll be in theaters soon.

Directors: Michael Patterson & Candice Reckinger  Year: 1987

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