Video Review: Oasis “Wonderwall”

In black-and-white, a clown presses play on the record player in Unit 217B in Woolwich, London. Noel sits on a chair and plays the guitar. A twentysomething woman, in a showgirl outfit, stands by a rack of guitars. Liam sings within a hole in the record.

Noel, Scott, Alan, and Paul sit in chairs. Liam sits up front, wearing sunglasses. Paul holds his guitar while Alan reads the newspaper. The clown fixes his dummy’s hair as he sits a chair. The clowns turns his head, his hat a royal blue. Axes swing from the rack. Noel’s guitar stays blue as he plays it. A second clown juggles. Alan plays darts. Noel pulls the lever on the plastic cowboy. Multiple Liams look left to right on the screen. He speaks directly to Liam with the bullhorn. Liam leaves his chair. He shakes the tambourine as he gets up from the chair.

Rating: 2/5

Liam shouts he’s bored. Alan motions for him to play a game of foosball. Liam scoffs and says he’ll just sit. Noel dances around him. Liam tells him to go away. Noel continues and he slaps him on the arm. Noel curses at him and says he was just joking around. Liam says he’s being annoying.

Scott laughs as the clown performs with the dummy. Liam says he’s so over it. Noel tells him he’s a killjoy. Liam shrugs, saying “whatever.” Alan follows him and asks him to come back. He says the clown is almost done with his routine.

The twentysomething woman bumps into Liam and says she’s so sorry. Liam introduces himself. She says she really should be gone and pleads with him not to tell anyone she was there. Liam promises her secret will be safe with him. She says she appreciates it. He tells her to have a good day. She rushes off, calling out, “goodbye!”

Director: Nigel Dick Year: 1995

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