Video Review: Jaheim & Tha’Rayne “Fabulous”

The twentysomething woman asks a group of children in the park, “did everyone have a good summer?” They answer “yeah.” She points to a 6-year-old girl, asking him “what’s your name? what do you want to be when you grow up?” The girl responds “my name is Tai” and says she’s going to be a teacher. The twentysomething woman replies, “that’s good! Like me.” A 7-year-old boy says “my name is Jaheim and I’m fabulous.”

On a seesaw, an  8-year-old waves, saying “hello, Mommy.” A 8-year-old boy, sitting with his little brother, says, “hello Daddy.” The children smile as they turn on the roundabouts. Jaheim sits on a roof. A twentysomething man closes his book and walks away from the steps. He eyes the sign of a Tirex store.

A second twentysomething woman twirls the strap of her drawstring pants as she talks with the twentysomething man by his car. A second twentysomething man exhales smoke as he sits on the steps. The twentysomething man cleans the floor of the Tirex store. Three children jump on a mattress in on their front lawn. A 10-year-old holds up his bags from Dr Jay’s with a smile. The second twentysomething woman smiles at the twentysomething man at the payphone.

A third twentysomething woman places plates on the dinner table as she holds her baby girl. Her 9-year-old boy bangs the table with his forks as she gives  him a pancake. Jaheim stands by a red door. The baby girl pulls at the third twentysomething woman’s hair. Mary J. Blige sits with Jaheim on the steps. A 16-year-old and 7-year-old boy play fight. Jaheim walks in the grocery store. The children run in the park. They hold hands as they walk around the tree in a circle. Jaheim and Blige join the children in the park.

Rating: 4/5

The twentysomething man checks the schedule in the breakroom. It wasn’t going to be an easy week. He was going to be closing every night. But he’ll have money to pay for his apartment and take out his girlfriend out for meals. It took him at least 6 months to find the job. His friends tried to get to him call off. However, he told them he couldn’t. Hanging out on the sidewalk got boring after awhile.

The third twentysomething woman puts her baby girl in the crib. She checks on her two older children in the family room, reading their books. She smiles, grateful for them. Sometimes, she wanted to send them off to her mother’s for a month. However, she really loved them. Her older son helped her when she needed it. Her daughter remembered to put her toys away.

The twentysomething woman takes out a loan. She was going open her own business. A teacher told her to be realistic. However, her t-shirts were selling and she wanted to branch out. Orders were coming in so fast, she couldn’t keep up. She was going to be a success, despite what anyone said.

Director: Darren Grant Year: 2002

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