Video Review: Jon Pardi “Up All Night”

Jon Pardi plays his guitar by the lake in Montgomery Bell State Park in Nashville, Tennessee. A twentysomething man puts bales of hay in a barn. He rubs his dog’s head and continues to take the hay out of his pick-up truck. Lifting his dog, he puts him in the back of the truck.

A twentysomething woman talks to a customer as she rings up a purchase at Finch’s Country Store. Leaning over the counter, she sees his truck and takes off her apron. She buys some beer and kisses him as she gets inside his truck. As they drive, she removes her shirt and shorts. In her red bikini, she reaches for his hand.

They hold hands as they walk on the trail. In the lake, they splash each other. She leaps into his arms. Pardi and his band perform in the field at night. The twentysomething man places a blanket on the ground. She rubs his back while he floats on a shark tube. Two twentysomething women drink and laugh as they float on the tubes in the lake. The twentysomething woman kisses the shark. The group of twentysomething people splash a fortysomething man sitting on a tube in the lake. While Pardi and his band play, the group of twentysomething people dance.

Rating: 2.5/5

The twentysomething woman and man ride bikes down the trail. They pass a group of semi-drunk group of twentysomething people walking by them. The twentysomething man suggests they can turn around. The twentysomething woman She responds, “let’s” and they return back to their camp.

She says it’s such a beautiful day. He kisses her and says he’s happy to spend it with her. Putting her hand on his arm, she tells him she had some decent tourists come into the store. One person asked her if she met Dolly Parton. The twentysomething man laughs and saying, “how would you know Dolly Parton.” She shrugs and glances over his shoulder. He says “it’s getting noisy” as he hears the music. She says they can listen for awhile.

A second twentysomething woman puts her hand on the twentysomething man’s chest and leans in to kiss him. The twentysomething woman puts her hands on her hips and resists the urge to lunge at her. The twentysomething man says he’s taken. The twentysomething woman says they should go. The twentysomething man nods and says it’s getting rowdy. A third twentysomething woman winks at him as they walk out.

Director: The Edde Brothers Year: 2013

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