Video Review: Luke Combs “Cold As You”

Neon directions flash inside a restaurant. A twentysomething man (Nick McNeil) hugs his pillow and looks at the empty space next to him. In silhouette, the twentysomething man and woman (Katie Cronin) talk on the bridge as the sun sets. She walks away from him.

He sits at the counter at the restaurant, staring into his glass. A fiftysomething woman, the owner, tells him, “you know I’ve seen guys like you in here before. She slides a coin to him, saying “you’re not the lonely one” and looks to the jukebox. The twentysomething woman walks into the restaurant, flips her hair and smiles at a second twentysomething man. He watches as she cuddles in the arms of the second twentysomething man in the booth and puts the coin in the jukebox. Luke Combs sings in the studio on television.

The jukebox opens and the twentysomething man walks into a bar. People play pool. A pong ball splashes in a cup of beer. A thirtysomething man and woman high-five each other. The twentysomething woman gets up from the booth and notices her photo on a dartboard.

A second twentysomething woman kisses a note to Luke, which reads “I’m sorry” and leaves it on the counter. A third twentysomething woman folds up her phone number. The twentysomething man smiles at third twentysomething woman and dances with him. Back at the restaurant, the twentysomething woman approaches him and puts her hand on his shoulder. She leads him towards the wall and places her hand on his face. Her hand lands on the wall as he walks away.  The third twentysomething woman sits next to him at the bar. They leave together.

Rating: 2.5/5

The twentysomething man throws a dart on her picture on the dartboard. He asks himself why he cares about her. She fought with him all the time. They didn’t get along most of the time. However, seeing her in the royal blue dress melted him. She was gorgeous and he couldn’t want her to sit with him for a few minutes.

The twentysomething woman places her hand on his arm. She tells him she wants to talk to him in private. She had a pushy streak to her. The years apart, though, it had become aggression. She whispers to him she’s missed him, her head on his shoulder. It was everything he had wanted to hear a couple years ago. As she leans in to kiss him. he turns away. He realized how much he had moved on.

He sits at the bar, drinking beer. Maybe he’ll meet someone. He was truly open to falling for someone. But he couldn’t wait much longer. A third twentysomething woman asks him if the seat’s taken. He notes she has a lovely smile and says it’s free. She sees the twentysomething woman sneering at her and asks if there’s a problem. He tells her “none.” She asks him to walk her to car. He says he has to pay for her order. The owner says it’s on her and tells him to have a good time.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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