Video Review: The Belle Stars “Iko Iko”

Swirls of rainbow colors dash by on the screen. In a clip from the 1988 film. Rain Man, Charlie (Tom Cruise) and Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) walk on the street and drive in the car. Jennie sits on top of a television. A twentysomething man stands by himself against a white background.

Jennie dances against the background. Four women, wearing large sunglasses, move their arms as neon colors glow on them. In a clip, Charlie slams the car door and yells in the street. He shakes the steering wheel and throws out Raymond’s notebook. Against the white background, a second twentysomething man dances. Several twentysomething women join Jennie as she dances.

In a clip, Raymond washes the laundry in the washing machine. Back against the white background, the twentysomething man ducks the word “Iko.” His face becomes lit in lime green and aqua. The second twentysomething man dances in silhouette. In a clip, Raymond drives the car. Back against the white background, the twentysomething man walks away.

Rating: 2/5

The twentysomething man wanted to say hello to the second twentysomething man. He was such a good dancer. The twentysomething man was in awe of him. He wanted to know if he was a professional who performed in a company or if he did it for fun. The second twentysomething man had to be a professional.

The second twentysomething man comments to Jennie that the twentysomething man keeps staring at him. Jennie says he’s shy and to go easy on him. The second twentysomething man says he should just come over. It’s not that big of a deal.

The twentysomething man overhears the second twentysomething man snicker as he talks with Jennie. The second twentysomething man could never like him. He met thousands of people at benefits and would forget about him in a second. However, it was nice to have the second twentysomething man for a few moments in his life.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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