Video Review: Elton John & Dua Lipa “Cold Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)”

An animated Dua Lipa and Elton John present a globe with the a half-moon, an orange flower and butterfly. Four stop-motion people, wearing silver 70s suits, ride down an escalator. They dance on the stage. A wolfman points to the sky and a yellow star forms from his finger.

Meteors shoot around them as they dance. Aqua fish flap their lavender wings as they fly. Lipa and John present the sun with spinning blue rays. Flowers with eyes grow and dance with the four stop-motion dancers. The wolfwoman kicks her leg as doves fly by her. Each of the stop-motion dancers move their arms as the dance on separate planets.

The second wolfwoman, with her head attached to a star, waves as she flies in the night sky. Meteors bounce back and forth in a field of flowers. The wolfman dances within an orange flower as it blooms. The four stop-motion dancers hold hands. Lipa and John stand on thin platforms in the night sky and present a door. Within the door, the four stop-motion dancers dance on a hill. Smiling and red-lipped flowers listen and sway. They stare at the pair of closed pink eyes in the sky.

The pink eyes open. Flowers grow around the eyelashes. Lipa and John strut within the iris. They float down to the field and dance with the four stop-motion wolf creatures.

Rating: 3/5

A flower, born with a face, bends toward the tree. The wolfman straightens it out. The flower says it’s much better. The wolfman sprinkles water on the flower’s face. The flower says she feels alive again and shakes the tree. Apples fall to the ground. The wolfman gathers them and says his family will be to eat.

A unicorn nudges the wolfwoman sleeping on a blanket. The wolfwoman touches her heart, exclaiming, “oh my!” The unicorn tells her she’ll take her home. The wolfwoman checks her flip phone and says her husband has been trying to reach her. She texts her husband as sits on the unicorn. The unicorn asks for directions.

The wolfman hides from a human plucking flowers. He covers his ears as the flower screeches. One of his best friends was gone. He hangs his head. The human sneaks around the corner and films him. The wolfman growls as he circles the human. His family was living in a makeshift cabin. The humans had abandoned it long ago. The human gasps and inches away. The wolfman looks around for other humans and runs away from the bush.

Director: Raman Djafari Year: 2021

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