Video Review: Dan + Shay “Steal My Love”

A helicopter flies over a bank. Police cars surround the area. A thirtysomething woman, a reporter, broadcasts live on television. Two of the men in black ski masks unchain the lock and get into the vault. An explosion goes off. The thirtysomething woman steps back. The men in black ski masks walk around the empty podium. A muscled man in the black ski masks, growls, “where is it?”

A note on the screen reads: “20 Minutes Earlier.” Shay repels Dan to the podium in the vault. They both look inside the glowing suitcase. Dan opens the cover of the sewer and helps Shay out of it. They check for unlocked cars. Shay motions for Dan to get into the car he found. Dan holds onto the suitcase as Shay checks the mirror as he  speeds through the intersection in Springfield, Tennessee. Dan glances over his shoulder as he watches the men in the black ski masks tail them. Shay slams on the brakes.

They meet in a parking lot. Dan and Shay begin to dance. The men in black ski masks and the people in their cars join in the routine. Dan and Shay run on different blocks while the men in black ski masks chase them. People move out of the way on the sidewalk. Dan hides behind a car and slips on a banana peel. In a triple screen, Shay watches the suitcase (left), the suitcase flies in the air (center) and the men in black ski masks also watch it (right). Dan catches it. One of the men in black ski masks takes it and tosses it to their friends. Two twentysomething women try to get the suitcase back for Dan and Shay. The muscled man in the black ski mask confronts Dan and Shay. Shay throws the suitcase in the air. Dan and Shay dance with people in the vault. They stand at the fountain.

Rating: 1/5

Dan donates the money to charity. He couldn’t keep it. In increments, he sends $20 a month. The money was going to save children and puppies. He was a good person. Shay shows up in his expensive suit and says he’s being too sensitive about it. They got away with the robbery. He should live a little.

Shay informs his chef he’ll have lobster for dinner. His girlfriend links her arm in his and tells him he has such a exquisite taste. He says he developed it while traveling to Europe with his parents. She says he’s lead such an amazing life. He says she’ll have plenty of experiences by being with him.

The police knock on the door. His girlfriend puts her hand on her chest, demanding to know, “who are you?” Dan opens the door and the police officers arrest him. As they take him to the car, he tells his girlfriend to wait for him and says it’s a big mistake. His girlfriend tells the police officer how she met him and the stories he told her about his wealth.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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