Video Review: Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne & Chris Brown “Only”

In black-and-white, two twentysomething women pull the mesh covering a twentysomething man. Two other twentysomething women bend down in their high heels and cutout outfits. In color, a second twentysomething man grips the bathroom sink. He runs his hand over his face and sits on the corner. A third twentysomething woman touches his chin as he leans against the wall. She drags him out of the bathroom.

A fourth twentysomething woman takes off a sheet covering two twentysomething men tied to a chair. Nicki Minaj carries a whip while one of the twentysomething touches a pair of scissors on a table. Drake and Lil Wayne stand by Minaj while in her dungeon. A fire burns in a garbage can. In the darkness, Chris Brown’s eyes glow as he sings. He lets his hand slide against the wall. Pressing his face into the stretchy, white wall, he becomes a demon.

Drake kneels in his cage. He looks through the netting and flicks the lightbulb. In black-and-white, people dance in the forest. Back in color, two twentysomething women reach into the netting. A third twentysomething woman wheels Brown in the wheelchair. Minaj hugs his slumped head. Drake sits backwards in a chair and watches Lil Wayne rap. Brown walks between columns and statues.

Rating: 4.5/5

The twentysomething man washes the blood of his face. The dungeon was relentless in its torture. Nicki Minaj, who owned it, did not take kindly to those who fought back. She disposed of them and they weren’t ever allowed to return. The twentysomething man tells no one where he goes on Saturday nights. But he fears one day he may not leave.

Drake sits in the cave, waiting. Minaj may check on him. She seemed to care if things went too far. A twentysomething woman snarls at him. A second twentysomething woman licks her lips and bites the netting. She tells him he’s such a docile creature. Drake slinks in the corner, holding his knees.

Lil Wayne puts his finger on his chin and says Minaj says has a good business. Minaj runs the whip on his arm and says he’s so sweet. Wayne says he’d like a piece of it. Minaj pushes her whip into his arm, pulling him to the ground. He says she’s the boss. Minaj orders two twentysomething women to straighten him out.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2014

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