Video Review: Cappella Grey “Gyalis”

In striped yellow and orange letters, a message reads “Uptown NYC Summer 2021.” Hundreds of people hang out by the 241 Street Station in the Bronx. He talks with fans standing behind the barriers. Twentysomething women wave. He stands in the road. Several twentysomething women dance by a taxi. Some men lean over the railing to get a glimpse of Grey.

A twentysomething women touches her butt as she dances near the barrier. A group of women continue to dance in the street at dusk. Grey stands in the crowd, surrounded by people. Some people watch as a twentysomething woman breakdances in the road. The twentysomething shakes her butt on top of the taxi. Grey shakes his head and walks away.

Rating: 0/5

Capella Grey repeats “excuse me” as he walks through the crowd. A twentysomething man pushes him and tells him to stop staring at his girlfriend. Grey raises his hands and says he didn’t mean it. From the corner of his eye, he glances to see if the twentysomething man was following him.

People scream at him from the restaurant. The server, carrying their meals, tries to get their attention. A second twentysomething man rushes past the server and knocks over their meals. The twentysomething women demand another meal. The server obliges and returns the kitchen. The twentysomething woman sighs and says they’ll never be able to talk to Grey.

Grey receives a message from his security about the twentysomething man. The twentysomething man was bragging about punching Grey. Grey says he’ll stay a distance away from everyone. The two twentysomething women say they can’t believe they are meeting him. They’ve never met a real celebrity before. Grey smiles. The twentysomething lunges for him and a bodyguard intervenes.

Director: Brennan Rowe Year: 2021

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