Video Review: Clinton Kane “I Guess I’m In Love”

Clinton Kane taps his foot as he sits on his bed. An 18-year-old young woman lies on his bed and turns her head.  In silhouette, she leans against the wall as the sun sets. A twentysomething woman rests her head on the twentysomething’s back as they sit on their bed.

A second twentysomething man smokes a cigarette as he talks to the second twentysomething woman on the rooftop at dusk. She places her hand on his. Two twentysomething men lie on the grass in the field. He sits up and she runs to him, knocking him over. Two twentysomething women hug as they stand near the columns of a building. The fourth twentysomething woman talks with the fourth twentysomething man in his car. She takes off his hat and puts it on her head. The second twentysomething man and woman scream on the rooftop.

A fifth twentysomething woman and man dance in the family room. The two twentysomething women laugh as they walk. One of the twentysomething women picks up her skateboard. Kane and the 18-year-old young woman hold hands as they walk on the trail. The 18-year-old young woman leans against the wall and stares at him. She puts her hands on his shoulders and sits next to him.

Rating: 2/5

Clinton Kane fumbles his keys in his hand and drops them on the ground. He sees his neighbor and waves. Walking to the car, he asks the 18-year-old young woman if she’s seen his keys. The 18-year-old young woman hands them to him and says she saw the keys. As they get in the car, she smiles, saying, “what would you do without me?”

As they drives, he thinks about her question as they talk about school. She tells him about her economics quiz, which she passed. On her phone, she tells him their order is ready to pick-up. He pulls into the parking lot of the diner. As they eat, she tells him she’s excited about the shelf for his room.

She was going to help with his shelf over the weekend. She put up with his taste in early 2000s sitcoms (“they are so bad, they are kind of good.”) She was intelligent and tutored middle school students as her part-time job. “I love you” he blurts out as the bites on a French fry. She steals one off his plate and says she loves him, too.

Director: Julia Kupiec Year: 2021

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