Video Review: Elastica “Connection”

Within a drawing of a television, Justine and Justin perform against a white background. An animated man dances against a black background in the television. Justine plays on the keyboard in a large family room. Donna sits in a recliner and makes a phone call. Annie and Justin sing on the couch.

Pop culture figures like John F, Kennedy sway to Justin, Justine, Annie and Donna  as they play their instruments on the drawing of a stage. Justin zips through the drawing of a door and watches Justine on several televisions. A security camera films him. The drawing of the television with Justine singing moves on its own in the family room. Donna and Annie play in front of some cardboard boxes and an half-opened aquarium. Annie vacuums as Justine sits on the couch. Donna plays the guitar against the white background on one of the televisions.

Rating: 4/5

Justine reads an article about Marilyn Monroe. She thinks she would’ve been friends with her. Monroe seemed like such a sweet person. Annie snatches the magazine away from her and comments that John F. Kennedy was gorgeous. Justine comments he’s okay. Annie smirks at her, saying  she’d take her chance if she could.

Justin watches television and “aww’s” at the couple on screen. It was the big moment for them. He’d been waiting for them to be together. Sometime during the third season, he almost stopped watching. One half of his favorite couple was rumored to be written off. He didn’t want to be invested anymore if it was so. However, the actor told the news she was planning on staying.

Donna draws Bugs Bunny on her notebook. She hangs it on the refrigerator. Bugs Bunny reminded her of quiet Saturday afternoons and laughing with her brother. Justin, Justine and Annie bought her Bugs Bunny themed things for her. She decorated her office with it at work.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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