Video Review: Beyoncé & Sean Paul “Baby Boy”

Sean Paul sits in a chair in a scarlet lit room. Beyoncé dances by the Venetian blinds  She touches the wall. Inside a Japanese home, she lies on a rug. Paul sits by multiple women on the floor. She walks through the ice blue beaded curtain and walks onto the beach at night. A twentysomething man waits for in the ocean.

She floats in the ocean. People join her as she dances in the room with the Venetian blinds. The twentysomething man puts his head on her elbow as they dance. Water fills the floor. She and several twentysomething women dance with her on a platform near the shore. A second twentysomething woman sits Paul’s lap in the chair. Wearing a gold-fringed bikini, Beyoncé dances in the forest. She leans against a grey tree as she dances in the night.

Rating: 2.5/5

Beyoncé talks with the twentysomething man at the party. He touches her arm and holds it near his head. She heaves a breathless sigh, her body tingling. She tells him they should go in the dunes. He says their significant others will notice. She turns and says “let them.” He places her arm at her side and says she has to mindful of their lives.

The twentysomething man kisses a twentysomething woman. They’d been together for four years. Beyoncé had made love to him three years into his relationship. She had been with Sean Paul for two years. But Paul was a date for Saturday. They headed to different corners once the music began. She hadn’t talked to Paul since they arrived together. However, they’ll find each other for the ride home.

The twentysomething man takes her by the waist as she walks on the sand. He tells her not to leave. The affair was getting to be too much. The twentysomething woman was going to get hurt. She puts her hand on his chin and asks him to just be with her. He leads her to the dunes.

Director: Jake Nava Year: 2003

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