Video Review: Skrillex, Justin Bieber & Don Toliver “Don’t Go”

In black-and-white, Skrillex, Justin Bieber and Don Toliver stand by a striped flag. Lit in royal case, a container stands in the center of a room. It lights up with orange and pink neon. A smeared painting of a twentysomething woman hangs on the wall.

Gold specks cover Bieber’s shoulders and face. Wearing a hoodie, he sits on a stool against a royal blue backdrop in the studio. Skrillex, Bieber and Toliver dance in the mirrored container. Lit in carmine, they sit on a car. It switches to admiral blue. Blood from the painting drips onto the floor. Art figures and shapes flash by in the screen as they perform. They perform by a stuffed deer and fox, stuck in a snarl. Gold covers Toliver’s face. Bieber dances under floursecent teal lights. Gold specks land on their faces.

Rating: 2/5

Justin Bieber texts his friend during his break at the art museum. He was four and a half hours into his shift and bones seemed like they were about to break. Toliver murmurs to him as they dance that he isn’t sure he can do this for 6 more months. Skrillex reminds him it’s good money and slides on the floor.

Bieber says he doesn’t get it as he stares at the painting. Toliver explains the young woman is screaming inside. She’s in chaos. Skrillex says he thinks the young woman can’t fight her anger any longer. Bieber shrugs, saying it’s just splatter.

The fortysomething man talks with Skrillex about their favorite exhibitions. He asks Bieber if he likes it. Bieber responds it’s cool. Toliver asks him questions about his piece. Bieber stares into spaces as the fortysomething man talks about his influences. He sits on the floor and waits for the next group to come in.

Director: Salomon Ligthelm  Year: 2021

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