Video Review: City Girls & Cardi B “Twerk”

Over the sea-green ocean, a message reads on the screen: “On November 9, the City Girls sent out a message to the world. The goal…To find the world’s greatest Twerker.” In her livestream, Yung Miami tells everyone “So the City Girls Twerk 25K Challenge is Real. The top 20 will get flewen out. All expenses is paid.”

Cardi B talks to the top 20 finalists into a bullhorn at a construction site. Miami continues in her livestream: “25,0000. I need you to shake yo’ ass.” A pilot says, “this is your captain speaking. We’ll be landing in Miami shortly. Flight attendants please prepare the plane for landing.” Several twentysomething women shake their butts on the sand in Miami, Florida. A Twerk flag flies on the beach.

Miami, Cardi B, and the twentysomething women dance on the yacht. Miami, painted as a zebra and Cardi B, as a tiger, dance by the poles. Cardi B sticks her tongue out as she stands behind Miami against a bubblegum pink wall. They bump butts as they continue to dance on the shore. Cardi B climbs to the top of the pole. Two of the twentysomething woman hang from the pole.

Three twentysomething women hold up the women’s legs as they twerk in the construction. Cardi B and Miami dance by a pile of dirt. Some of the women dance by a graffitied wall. Cardi B, Miami, and the women watch the winner of the contest twerk. She falls over and rests on the ground. While doing the splits, she twerks. She holds the money. A couple of the twentysomething women hug her.

Rating: 2.5/5

The twentysomething woman accepts the check from Cardi B and Yung Miami. Cardi B tells her she deserves it. Miami tells her it was wonderful. The twentysomething woman beams. She thinks of how she’ll spend the money. Some of her new friends from the contest says she should travel or invest it. She plenty of time to decide.

Cardi B talks with each of the twentysomething woman. Some of them wanted to be dancers. A few just tried out by chance. They reminded her of when she was starting out and trying to figure out who she was. She poses for pictures with them.

One of the twentysomething women changes her ticket. She was going to stay in Miami, Florida for awhile. It was her first, actual vacation and she was going to enjoy every second of it. A second twentysomething woman sends a video to her boyfriend and baby boy. A third twentysomething woman stretches. She had a dance competition coming up next week and couldn’t afford to pull anything.

Director: DAPS & Sara Lacombe Year: 2019

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