Video Review: Trippie Redd & Ski Mask The Dangerous Slump God “Demon Time”

At night, a fiftysomething man pulls a cart of cleaning supplies to a motel room. He hears gunshots from room 14 and runs. Trippie Redd and Ski Mask The Dangerous Slump God carry a body wrapped in plastic and dump it into the dumpster. Ski Mask drops a match in it and they watch the body burn.

Redd raps by his car in the parking lot. Ski Mask leans against it. They stand against a blood-splattered wall. Redd smokes and his eyes turn black in the candy red lit parking lot. Ski Mask and Redd wash their clothes at the laundromat. They sit on top of the machines. The room explodes.

Rating: 0/5

Trippie Redd and Ski Mask drive by the motel and sees the twentysomething man’s car. They watch as he walks from the vending machine back to room fourteen. Redd turns out of the parking lot, saying they need to get supplies. Ski Mask pats his gun. May the twentysomething man enjoy the day.

Ski Mask bangs on the door, calling out “housekeeping.” The twentysomething man tells them to go away. Redd clutches the doorknob and pulls on it. Ski Mask pushes on the door while the twentysomething man holds on inside his room. The twentysomething man raises his hands and pleads with him, saying he has a child and a wife. Redd shoots him.

On the scanner, Redd listens as the murder is reported. The police were on their way. Ski Mask polishes his gun. Redd looks in his mirror, looking for the red lights. He maintains the speed light and tells Ski Mask they are going on a road trip. Ski Mask rants at the person driving slow ahead of them. Redd pulls out his gun and shoots at the person as they pass.

Director: Tyler Griffin Year: 2021

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