Video Review: Kane Brown “One Mississippi”

Lit neon lime green, a twentysomething man (Ross Butler) lies on the bed, saying, “Hey Google. Text Magnolia that I’m on my way.” A notification pops up on his phone, telling him, “sending.” At night, Kane Brown stands by his car in the parking of of the One Mississippi fairgrounds.

The twentysomething man walks to the Reithoffer Show signs, by the entrance and reads them. Brown and his band stand near the games. Back in neon lime green, he sits on the bed and looks at the door. At night, the twentysomething woman takes his hand as they run on the second floor of the motel. Lit in scarlet red, they hold onto one another. In royal blue, he climbs up the steps and enters a bar. He pours himself a glass.

The twentysomething man watches the mutli-colored Ferris Wheel turn. The twentysomething woman walks to the gate. The twentysomething man sings karaoke on the stage. They play a game of pool.  A couple of Dough Ball bottles line the counter alongside the various flavors of margaritas. He runs to the Super Himalaya. Lit in royal blue, he rides the Ferris Wheel, scanning for her within the lights.

She holds his hand as they walk around the carnival. Back in scarlet red, she pushes him onto the bed. She lights a match and holds it in front of her face. Flames burn as they kiss. Brown continues to stand by the One Mississippi sign.

Rating: 4/5

A shadow passes by him. The twentysomething man turns around and realizes it’s an employee of the carnival, smoking a cigarette as she leaves the grounds. The twentysomething man heads for the Ferris Wheel. It was her favorite ride. She had mentioned it while they had been at the bar.

On the Ferris Wheel, he sees two teenagers hide behind the Dodge’Em cars. A firework goes off. A muffled shout warns them to leave or they’ll be thrown out. The person running the ride says he has to go and turns off the lights. The twentysomething man jogs to the midway. She may have been trying to surprise him by winning a game.

The person closes the curtain on the game and says it’s time to go home. The twentysomething woman calls out “hey” and says she’s been looking for him everywhere. She was on Vertigo and needed to take a break. The ride was intense. He touches he chin, telling her, “tell me about it.” She says she slipped the person a $50 running the Wild Claw to keep the ride open. He holds her hand as they walk to the ride.

Director: Alex Alvga Year: 2021

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