Video Review: Paula Abdul “Vibeology”

Several stretched dancers dance in silhouette against a white background. Within several wine red circles, two people dance together on several floors. Paula Abdul rolls her shoulders against a black background. The dancers shine flashlights as they stand underneath a Paula sign in the dark.

Lit in ruby red, the dancers pirouette. She and the dancers perform in multiple squares. A twentysomething man performs the routine by a hanging lightbulb. The background switches from wine red to white as Abdul joins the dancers. She holds up her leg and balances herself against the white background. Vibeology slides across the screen as she dances against the black background. She jumps out of herself. creating a second version of herself against the white background. Abdul and the second version of herself shrug at each other.

Rating: 2/5

None of it was working. Paula Abdul revises the choreography again. She steps back and forward, shaking her head. It had to have an old-fashioned lounge vibe but modern. She turns off the video and gets ready for bed.

The dancers hang their head on set. One of the dancers says no one is going to see him. A second dancer says he may not add it his resume. No one will believe he was there. The twentysomething man with a solo heaves a sigh of relief. The video could be a stepping stone. It  could get him better work.

Abdul tells the dancers they did a wonderful job. They should be proud. She drives back home, thinking of every step. It was as good as it was going to get. The wine red would supply some personality to cover what was missing. It stood out. It symbolized strength.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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