Video Review: Kellie Pickler “I Wonder”

Kellie Pickler walks off a tour bus in Nashville, Tennessee. Fans smile and wait for her. A thirtysomething woman touches her arm as Pickler signs an autograph. Wearing a white dress with gold sequins, she sings on the stage at Ryman Auditorium. Her manager puts his hand on her back as she signs a a second thirtysomething woman’s picture.

She walks down the hallway and says hello to a fortysomething woman as she leaves. A 12-year-old girl standing by the guitar display stares at her. Pickler stares back at her as she continues to walk. The stylist hugs her in the dressing room. Pickler smiles as the hairdresser brushes her hair. Looking into the mirror, she sees the 12-year-old girl by the door. She turns around and sees the 12-year-old girl is gone. Baby pictures and a photo from high school appear in her mind.

Wearing the white dress with gold sequins, she walks to the stage. Holding the curtain, she gazes at the stage. Cameras flash as she walks onto the stage. The 12-year-old girl stands backstage and smiles. Pickler turns to her and smiles back at her.

Rating: 4.5/5

Kellie Pickler searches the front row of the audience. One of her best friends made it. Her father held a tissue in his lap. A close friend waves to her. She waves to them. A twinge of hope that maybe, just maybe her mother might be backstage. Or that she arrived later.

The hope didn’t ever go away. Her father tells her she did so good and he’s proud of her. He says it must’ve been hard. As she stares at her lap, she says it was cathartic. But she’s still dealing with it. Her best friend shakes her head and says she can’t believe it. “Not a word? Her closed friend asks. Pickler says she should know better.

Pickler walks to the park. A fortysomething woman calls her name. Pickler stands by the wall as the fortysomething woman walks towards her. The fortysomething woman had eyes like hers. However, so did a majority of women. It was biology. The fortysomething woman says she’s her mom. Pickler excuses herself and says to give her some space. Arms crossed, she paces by the wall.

Director: N/A Year: 2007

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