Video Review: Rod Wave “Time Heals”

Rod Wave speeds on a four wheeler in the countryside. He drives on a bridge. At night, Wave stands by a plane. Wave talks with his friend as they drive on the expressway. He raps on stage during a concert. Back at home, he tosses a ball to one of his friends sitting on the porch.

Fireworks go off. A Supreme game plays in the arcade. Wave sits in the chair as the dentists checks his teeth. He gets a tattoo. Fans touch him as he stands by the barrier at night. A twentysomething woman gives him a gift. In the airplane, he sits in the chair and scrolls through his phone. Police on motorcycles escort Wave as they drive on the expressway. Fans lean down and take pictures of him as he walks to the stage. He talks with a second twentysomething woman at a party while a thirtysomething man films them. While shopping, he talks and meets with fans. People count money at the counter in his home. He raps by his desk.

Rating: 2.5/5

Fame was a way of life now. Rod Wave gets on the private plane and waits. It usually took his people about an hour and half to board the plane. He used to hang back and talk. However, he realized he wasting free time by himself. Free time was becoming less and less as he released new music.

The pilot taps him on the shoulder and asks him if he can take a picture. Wave sits up and says yes. The pilot says his children will love him for it. Wave offers to record a message for them. The pilot grins and turns his phone to Wave. The pilot returns to the cockpit. He didn’t mind. Sometimes people thought they’ll get fired if they talk to him. However, he made sure to talk to them and approach them.

A friend of his counts money on the table. It was a couple of thousand, at least. He sips his drink and sits on the couch. His accountant was going to take it to the bank for him. Wave couldn’t remember the last time he went to the bank. He tried sometime after he released his first hit single and he had to go back home. People knew who he was. His manager scheduled security to do it for him. The twentysomething man, a tattoo artist. says hello to him in the parlor. Wave talks to him as he draws on his arm. The twentysomething man zeroes in on a line and apologizes as Wave winces. Wave tells him it’s all right and says he’s a great artist.

Director: Eye 4 Year: 2021

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