Video Review: Anne-Marie & Niall Horan “Our Song”

Anne-Marie adjusts the mirror as she watches Niall Horan carry bags of jewelry to her trunk. He closes the trunk of his car and stands by her car. Walking to her car, he gets into the passenger seat and she drives off. Roses and a pearl necklace lie on the backseat. A sign reads: “Jewel thieves on the run. Reward for information.”

She tosses rose petals over her shoulder. They sing along with the radio as they drive. She stops at the Shop On The Corner. Horan walks inside. A seventysomething man makes a call on the phone. Roses line the road as Anne-Marie drives. A trail of police cars drive past the roses. They see the sirens and laugh. She speeds up as he looks over his shoulder. Two police officers wait on the street as Anne-Marie stops the car.

Rating: 3/5

Anne-Marie holds Niall Horan’s hand while they sit in the car. This is was it. They had a choice. Horan suggests he’ll see her in a decade. The years will fly by. They are first time offenders. She whispers she can’t go to jail. The jewelry was vintage. They could sell it.

Anne-Marie floors it. Horan grabs onto the dashboard. The two police men run out of the way. One of the police men cries out in pain. Horan tells her to stop. She presses harder on the pedal. Horan says they can get out of it. His dad’s a good lawyer. Just please, please stop.

Horan covers his head and screams as the car spins and spins. Anne-Marie murmurs for Horan to shut up. They made it out all right. As she touches his hand, she gets a chill. She says she just wanted a better life for them. They had struggled to make ends meet for years. It couldn’t end this way. Her head pounds as she rests her head on the seat. Just a little rest.

Director:  Michael Holyk Year: 2021

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