Video Review: Jason Derulo “Want To Want Me”

Lit in hunter green, a fan whirrs in Jason Derulo’s bedroom. Water drips into the electric blue lit bucket as he sleeps. A twentysomething woman (Tianna Gregory) moves her leg up and down on her bed. In a split screen, they continue to lie in their beds.

He walks out of his home and gets into a taxi. Rocking back and forth in the seat, he talks to the driver. She sits on the couch, watching him perform on a stage in the family room. Wearing bra, panties and a shrug, she opens the door. Derulo walks inside and checks her out. She straddles him, he knocks over the lamp and takes her to bed. He rips off his shirt and she digs her nails into his back. She touches his chin as they lean against the wall.

Lying down on the bed, she puts her legs on his shoulders. They sleep together on the floor. She sits in the bathtub. Derulo hangs from the ceiling and does push-ups. Lit in electric blue, she holds onto his waist as it rains indoors. She crawls on the couch. He walks off the stage and sits next to her on the couch.

Rating: 3/5

The twentysomething woman puts on her robe as she walks into the bathroom. Jason Derulo snores as he sleeps in her bed. She brushes her teeth and takes a shower. As she washes her hair, she peeks through the curtain to see if Derulo was in the bathroom.

He shakes the hand of the hvac guy and explains the problems with the air conditioner. The hvac guy says he knows what it might be and heads for the backyard. He opens the door of the bathroom and tells her the hvac guy arrived. She curses and steps onto the mat. He gives her a robe and says he kisses her. She puts her head on his shoulder, saying she had completely forgotten.

The air conditioning blows through the vents of her home as he makes breakfast. She asks if he’s staying over for another night. He hands her a plate of scrambled eggs and says he was going to mow his lawn. She says she could stop over after work. He grins, telling her “perfect.” She points to the frying pan and says the ham is burning. He exclaims “oh!” and rushes to the stove.

Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2015

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