Video Review: Griff “One Night”

Griff walks on the sidewalk passing by people. Hands on her hips, she watches her shadow on a building. It disappears as she slumps her shoulders. The shadow appears on the next building. She dances with her shadow. Her shadow runs off, jumping over a garbage can and opening a door.

Griff opens the door and runs in the street by herself. She dances against a white background by herself. Her shadow becomes corporeal and dances with her. Two shadows of herself continue the routine with her against the white background. She walks on the sidewalk again.

Rating: 3.5/5

I really like this shirt, Griff says to herself. She tries it on in the fitting room. Her shadow sulks. It didn’t fit right. She walks back to the aisle and places it on the rack. Her shadow was opinionated and snarky. She had to listen. Her friends told her to let her shadow go. But her shadow had been with her since she was a little kid. She couldn’t lose her.

Her shadow tells her to turn right. Griff sighs. The turn was left. If she went right, it would take her out of her way. She gets into the left lane and waits at the light. While she drives, she hits the steering wheel. Sometimes her shadow needed to shut up. She tells her shadow to stop being a know-it-all.

Her shadow says she isn’t sabotaging her. She’s trying to help her. Griff says it’s not the point. She shouldn’t speak that way to her. It’s cruel and she needs to back off. As she gets out of her car, she realizes her shadow is no longer with her.

Director: ABCDCD Year: 2021

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