Video Review: The Cars “You Might Think”

A twentysomething woman (Susan Gallagher) sits on her bed and stares at the ceiling. The wind picks her and the furniture up. The flowers become bowls which land inside Ric’s head. The twentysomething woman flips her hair and walks around in her bedroom. She grabs a coat on the coatrack. His head swings on the coatrack.

She washes her arm in the bathtub. A periscope pops up in the bathtub and views her as she touches her collarbone. She pushes it down. Elliott Benjamin, Greg and David play on a sponge in the bathtub. She opens the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and sees Elliott, Benjamin, Greg and David playing on a shelf. Ric’s face appears in the mirror after she shuts it.

She laughs as she sits in a movie theater, eating popcorn watching the 1953 film, Robot Monster. Ric sits next to her. She screams as the Robot Monster sits next to her. The dentist looks at her teeth. He sees Ric drilling into her tooth. She picks up a lipstick tube and sees Ric as she turns it. Ric walks into a black-and-white photo of a framed photo on her vanity, knocks the twentysomething man and stands with her. She puts the frame facedown on the table. A giant Ric grabs the twentysomething woman. He talks to her and then drops her.

Ric’s arms spin on the alarm clock as she wakes up. She purses her lips as she sees Ric as a bee buzzing by her. He lands on her nose and she flicks him away. She screams as he drives in her bed. He looks at the flattened body on the bed. She sits next to him with his body. Their heads pop off and land on the correct bodies. He plays the guitar for her in the boat. The boat tips over. He removes his face and water pours out.

Rating: 1/5

The twentysomething woman talks with Ric in line at the grocery store. He compliments her on her outfit. She says “thank you” and squeezes an orange. He picks one out for her. She says it’s perfect and puts it in a bag. He leaves his cart and stands by the front of the store. As she walks to her car, he walks to his and follows behind her.

She says “it’s funny meeting you again” at the restaurant. He tells her he loves the food and had to come in. She mentions she’d never see him. He says he usually gets carryout. She tells him to have a good day and eats her spaghetti.

Ric waves to her as she parks in her driveway. She tells him she has to go inside. He slings his guitar around his shoulder and asks her for to listen. She swoons and says it’s the sweetest thing. He says he can take her out on a date now. Their relationship can’t wait.

Director: Jeff Stein Year: 1984

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