Video Review: Kanye West “Come To Life”

A cross sits on top of a home at night. Streetlamps light the area. Within the home, a silhouette of Kanye West sits in a chair and burns. The house goes up in flames. A burning West walks away from his home. A fortysomething woman (Kim Kardashian West) walks in the dark. A line of people pass by her. She stands by West in the shadows.

Rating: 0/5

Kanye West holds a rosary to his lips and recites his vows. His vows have become a prayer to him. He had been taken in by the devil. However, he was ready to repent and be a godly man again. He reiterates to God that he was weak and selfish. Forgiveness would heal him. He’ll be whole again.

The fortysomething woman bows to him and says she’s here to affirm his belief in love. She says he’ll find the peace he seeks within her. God has given her a vision. In the vision, God freed him from the pain and granted him a heart of hope. West says God sent her to him and they must marry.

The fortysomething woman, wearing a black wedding dress, sobs in the burning house. He corrupted her and destroyed her soul. The fortysomething woman had met the devil and condemned. She had been a charlatan, like the others. Bible in hand, he preaches the passages as he walks in shadow past the people.

Directors: Kanye West & Nico Ballesteros Year: 2021

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