Video Review: Flo Rida & Ke$ha “Right Round”

Between bursts of lightning, Flo Rida appears as a hologram hovering by a platform. He rotates on the platform. The earth turns on the screen behind him. A twentysomething woman walks to him. Part of her face, lit in amber, is shown on the screen.

She rests her arm on his shoulder as ruby red stars roll by. He raps against the banana yellow lit Eiffel Tour, with Paris noted by it. In cardinal red, two women dance in silhouette next to him. Rida raps in concert within the screen. A disco ball hangs in the air. Several twentysomething women lie on a platform and turn. Three women dance in silhouette behind a see-through screen.

The twentysomething takes out her phone and sees the Flo Rida song playing on her phone. He films her on his phone. A second twentysomething woman carries a bottle of champagne and several glasses to his table. A couple of twentysomething women dance with him, glasses in their hands. He continues to rotate on the platform.

Rating: 0.5/5

Flo Rida hands the server his credit card. He says he wants to buy the entire VIP room champagne. The server takes his card, says “yes sir” and tells him he’ll order will be right up. He slings his arms around two twentysomething women. Two twentysomething approach him and talk.

He hasn’t been home in two months. Within the two months, he’s gone to London and Paris. Most of his luggage had been shipped to his parents’ house. He’ll pick it up in another month or two. He had trips scheduled for Hong Kong and Athens.

Flo Rida checks his account. It couldn’t be $100. He had to make a payment on his mansion and several cars for the month. The bank teller tells him offers to go through his statement with him. Flo Rida says he’s going to find another bank and closes the account. He walks out in a huff.

Director: Malcolm Jones Year: 2009

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