Video Review: Jason Aldean & Carrie Underwood “If I Didn’t Love You”

Jason Aldean plays the piano inside a home. Aldean and his band play on the stage of the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, Tennessee. A sheet covers a table. He sits in the corner, rubbing his knuckles. Carrie Underwood walks past a fallen chandelier.

The spotlights shine on Underwood as she walks to the stage. She sings with Aldean. Back at the house, Aldean stands up and stares at the walls. He runs his hand along the sheet on the piano and looks through the lace curtain. Sitting on the bench, he touches the keys. He continues to sing with Underwood on stage.

Rating: 2/5

The realtor told him he had a bid. The house could be sold by next week. Jason Aldean forces a “that’s good.” She tells him the number. It was $10,000 over his asking price. He says he’ll have to think about it. She tells him to wait too long. The couple really like the house but are looking at other places, too.

He walks to the piano. It was where he taught his children how to play. His oldest daughter loved it. She was a teenager now and played the flute in the band. His youngest, though, hated it. She’d rather listen to music and had a varied taste. Every time he went over the house to mow the lawn, he walked back inside to relive the memories again.

Aldean calls up the realtor and tells her he’ll accept the bid. It was the first bid he had in over 6 months. The realtor chirps “fantastic!” and says the couple are going to be so excited to start their lives there. Aldean drives the past the house and sees the twentysomething woman talk with her 8-year-old girl. The bushes were taken out. A garden was planted. He turns the corner and reminds himself not to go back again.

Director: Shaun Silva Year: 2021

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