Video Review: J Balvin & Skrillex “In Da Ghetto”

A twentysomething woman files her nails as she sits in front of computer at Vibras Party HQ. Sighing, she answers the ringing phone. She tells the person, “not a chance, love.” On her phone, she asks Khaby Lame, “are you going?” He answers, “yeah.” She blows a bubble with her gum and studies her nails.

J Balvin nods his head as he listens to music on his headphones in bed. Lit in electric blue, he sings into a microphone during karaoke night at the bar. A second twentysomething woman dances in the laundromat as she waits for her laundry. Balvin dances in a field at night with a group of people. Fireworks go off behind them. A third twentysomething woman braids Balvin’s hair as she sits on a bed. He makes a payment on his phone.

Balvin walks into a party inside a home and watches Mufasa dance. Balvin’s Current credit card sits on a table. A twentysomething man spins the bottle on the floor. A second twentysomething man kisses Balvin on the lips. He sits on the couch and talks with a friend while a fourth twentysomething woman paints his nails. Lit in candy apple red, he holds his drink as he dances in the bar.

Rating: 4/5

The second twentysomething woman dances in the aisle of the laundromat. She calls up the Vibras Party HQ to inquire about an invitation. The twentysomething woman says she can expect to receive it within a few hours. She tells her to not to post it online or she will be disinvited. The second twentysomething woman agrees to the terms.

The twentysomething woman puts her phone on do not disturb as she walks to the copier. She sends a fax and walks back to her desk. Everyone was calling about the party. She had to tell her friends an invitation was impossible to get. They still tried to get through and used her name. She archives her invitation in her phone and turns off her phone. It was time to go.

The twentysomething woman carries her drink and sips it as J Balvin sings karaoke. She dances by her table and laughs as Balvin motions for her to come up to the stage. She says it’ll her ruin her set. During her set, she sings to a ballad. Balvin sways his seat. The people in the audience follow. She steps off the stage and sees it was filmed online. Mufasa says he has to guest in one of his videos. She says she’d love to. The second twentysomething woman performs next. The twentysomething woman records her on her phone and adds it to the Vibras Party HQ website. Someone was about to get discovered.

Director: Alfred Marroquín Year: 2021

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