Video Review: Halsey “I’m Not A Woman, I’m A God”

Halsey, wearing a sheet over her body, walks around the pool. She walks past statues. A twentysomething woman rubs her arm. She rests her head on a second twentysomething woman’s lap. The second twentysomething woman strokes her cheek.

Halsey removes her sheet and steps into the pool. As she swims, several twentysomething women form a circle around her. Two twentysomething women help her put the sheet on her body. Holding the sheet by her breasts, she walks to a mirror and looks at her reflection. A third twentysomething woman pours water over her face while a fourth twentysomething woman brushes her hair.

Lit in aqua, the twentysomething women dress her as she sits on a throne. Wearing a black gown, two twentysomething women help her up. She sits in the bath and walks her fingers over her baby bump. In a white dress, she runs in the forest. She bursts out laughing while in an emerald gown. Back in the black gown, she walks to the balcony and views the fires below.

Rating: 5/5

A nobleman bows to Halsey. Halsey motions for him to approach her. “Your highness, I’m here to give you my heart.” Halsey tilts her head and tells him it’s an honor. However, she can not provide him what he requires. He raises her eyebrows, inquiring “and what is that?” She says he is not an owed an answer and tells him to have a good day.

Soon her people will know. Her baby was due soon. The baby was the result of an unapproved relationship. She’ll be excommunicated once her extended family finds out. Her in-laws had been scheming behind her back to regain the crown. In their eyes, she was still a commoner, wrangling the attention away from him.

One of the twentysomething maidens asks her if she’s feeling okay. She says the nausea will pass and to take her to the pool. In the pool, she talks to her baby and says she’s excited to meet it once it arrives. She says they’ll have a big party. He’ll be the light of the kingdom.

Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2021

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