Video Review: Kurtis Blow & Alyson Williams “Basketball”

Several twentysomething women, waving pom-poms, cheer on the sidelines. A thirtysomething man dunks the basketball into the net. A sixtysomething man, holding a micophone, comments on the play. Kurtis Blow stands in the center of a court in a park and raps. He catches the ball and tosses it back in play.

Blow stands by the twentysomething women, who border his body with their pom-pom’s. He watches a sword flight on the court. One of the twentysomething men kicks their leg. Blam in bubble lettering cover his foot. A photographer takes black-and-white photos of Michael Ray Richardson during an National Basketball Association (NBA) game.

Blow dribbles the ball on the court. He stands underneath the net and block the ball. A fortysomething man squeezes mustard on his hot dog while the turkey mascot dances by him. The cheerleaders perform behind them. He and Whodini watch a basketball game on television. The Fat Boys hold basketballs and dance with the cheerleaders. Blow and Whodini watch The Fat Boys and the cheerleaders on television.

Rating: 4.5/5

Kurtis Blow stands up in his family and shouts for Larry Bird to “go, go, go!” Larry Bird lands the shot. Blow lets out a “woo!” and continues to stand until the clock runs out. Bird’s three-pointer put the Boston Celtics over the top. They were in contention for the championship. But Magic Johnson could end it with a few games. It was his ideal final.

Blow turns on the Chicago Bulls game and noticed Michael Jordan. He was impressed with him and adds the Bulls game to his watch list. Jordan was going to be one his favorites. They’ll be going against the Celtics soon. He writes in his calendar to record it.

During a pick-up game at the park, he scores a three-pointer. Blow says it’s game. The twentysomething man shakes his hand and says it was a good game. He says they’ll get a rematch in the fall. Blow says he’s counting on it and says they can practice together. The twentysomething man grabs his duffel bag and tells him to call him. They’ll get some lunch. Blow waves goodbye and heads to his car.

Director: Michael Oblowitz  Year: 1984

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