Video Review: Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar “Family Ties”

A message on the screen reads: “Scene 1.” Baby Keem jumps in a group of twentysomething men. Within a square, a twentysomething woman grinds against Keem as he stands by the wall in a home. In another square, she continues to shake her butt as she stands by the car at night. Keem sits by the trunk. Within a rectangle, he sits in the center of a group of twentysomething sitting cross-legged in a field.

In a large square, Keem is inside a liquor store. The next square shows the surveillance camera on him as he walks through aisles. In another large square, several men run down a fire escape. Lit in electric blue, Keem raps in a parking lot. A sword fight occurs under a bridge. The twentysomething woman holds her baby in the square above. Kem raps by two statues while ballerinas dance around him. A paint swatch appears. Keem walks into it and dances in silhouette.

A second message reads: “Scene 2.” Kendrick Lamar raps on two screens within a barn at night. Lamar parks his car and walks inside. He dances on the sidewalk in the city as a thirtysomething man holds a pg lang flag. Over film poster of Normani and Lamar kissing in a stretch limousine. Normani moves through the seats and stares out the window. She talks to Lamar in the driver’s seat. Lamar shoots and drives off.

Lit in electric blue, Keem, wearing a sombrero dances in the bar’s parking lot in several cars. Sparks and explosions in the screen behind it. A man watches the squares in the middle of face of Lamar dancing by the screen.

Rating: 5/5

Baby Keem talks with the ballerinas near the musuem. He appreciated the movement and the art within it. Kendrick Lamar had invited him to the ballet. Keem had asked him if he was joking at first. Lamar told him to give it a chance. Keem had fallen in love with it.

Lamar, Keem and Normani show up at the movie premiere. Keem whispers to Normani “what do I do?” She tells him to accompany her. They’ll talk to the right people and she knows of some great parties they can attend afterwards. Lamar talks with reporters as Normani poses. Keem nods his head as photographers take his picture.

Keem talks with Lamar about some books he read. He’d like to produce them. Lamar says he’ll get in contact with the authors. Keem attends a literacy event at an elementary school. He reads to the children and talks with the teachers. He sends them an anonymous check to help with supplies and to build their library.

Director: Dave Free Year: 2021

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