Video Review: Bonnie Raitt “You Got It”

Bonnie Raitt and her band perform at a coffee shop. In a clip from the 1995 film, Boys On the Side, Jane (Whoopi Goldberg), Robin (Mary-Louise Parker) and Holly (Drew Barrymore) sing along with the radio as they drive. Holly opens the door and sees Robin. Holly walks over to Robin at the diner and says hello.

Continuing with the clips, Holly gives Jane some money. Robin dances with a twentysomething man in the bar. Back at the coffee house, a fortysomething woman hugs Jane. She dips her. Holly walks down the stairs. She joins the fortysomething woman and Jane on the bench. Holding the fortysomething woman’s hand, they listen to Raitt play.

In the clips, Robin smiles and waves at Holly as she sits in the train. Holly makes goofy faces at her. Jane puts a sombrero on Holly’s head as Jane takes a picture at the Grand Canyon in Tucson, Arizona. In a clip, Robin holds Jane’s head as she blows out the candles on her birthday cake. Back in the coffee shop, Jane, the fortysomething woman and Holly put their arms around each and dance by Raitt.

Rating: 3/5

Jane sits on a bench in the coffee shop as Bonnie Raitt plays. The fortysomething woman said she’d meet her. However, she doesn’t see her anywhere. Perhaps the fortysomething woman changed her mind. Maybe she misheard and got the wrong night. The fortysomething woman runs up to her and says she’s so happy to see her. She sits next to her and asks her about Holly.

The fortysomething woman knew bits and pieces of her friendship with Holly. She hadn’t told her about Robin just yet. It was too hard. In her head, she can hear Robin telling her, “it’s okay.” Holly races down the stairs, exclaiming, “Jane!” Jane introduces her to the fortysomething woman. Holly gives Jane an approving look.

Holly stands with Jane at the counter and asks her how she’s holding up. Jane says she’s really missing Robin. Holly rubs her back and says she still does, too. She says Robin is watching them over them both. Jane tells her they should go another trip again. Holly laughs, saying her kids are asking about Hawaii. Jane says, “let’s go!” Holly says they’ll plan something and leans into her for a hug. She tells her, “Jane, don’t be afraid to be happy.”

Director: N/A Year: 1995

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