Video Review: Maisie Peters “Psycho”

A flourscent light flickers in a basement. Maisie Peters gets a cup of coffee for herself and the twentysomething man. She places his coffee by his plate and squeezes his shoulder. Chin in her hand, she sits across from him and watches him. He kisses her goodbye and leaves the house.

From the window, she watches him as he walks on the sidewalk. He glances over his shoulder and sees her. By the tree, she sees him get inside his car and kiss a twentysomething woman. She lies in bed next to him at night and steals his phone as he sleeps. On his phone, she types “it’s Freddie’s new gf. we need to talk.” The twentysomething woman comes over to the house. Peters leads her to basement and shows her the outfit she has to wear.

A second twentysomething woman repeats the routine. A camera within an apple surveils the kitchen. Peters watches as the twentysomething woman pours syrup on his lap. A dozen twentysomething women, dressed in Peters’ outfit, close their lockers, put on their boots and do their makeup. The second twentysomething woman sits on a bench and eats a sandwich.

A third twentysomething woman puts something in his drink. A fourth twentysomething woman tears pages out of his book. He wakes up in the middle of the night and sees two twentysomething women dressed alike. Closing the door, he stands guard against it. He opens the door and sits on the bed, head in his hands. Peters and the twentysomething women dance in the basement. He discovers the camera and follows the cord to the basement. She and the twentysomething women clean the room. He asks her, “what are you doing down here?” She shrugs as the twentysomething women encroach on him.

Rating: 4/5

The twentysomething man had a certain type: innocent, gullible and servile. Maisie Peters had those qualities for him at one point or another. He had called her the ideal. She prepared his favorite breakfast and rearranged her schedule around his. However, she realized she was a doll to him. And he’ll never be happy with just one.

He couldn’t tell the difference between the women. To him, they were all the same. In the basement, his ex-girlfriends debated how he would figure it out. Peters said they could go on for awhile. They’ll have to run out women in the first before he’ll get a clue. The second twentysomething woman says he’ll have to buy new pants. Peters grins and tells her good job. He valued his clothes. The pants were expensive.

The twentysomething man says he thinks something is wrong. He thought he saw two of her. Peters sits next to him, saying, “next time, don’t drink too much, honey.” He puts his head on her shoulder and says he’s always thinking of him. She gets up suddenly and his head falls onto the bed. Waving to him, she tells him it’s been fun and walks out the door. Tomorrow, the twentysomething woman takes her place.

Director: Louis Bhose Year: 2021

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