Video Review: Britney Spears “Till The World Ends”

A message reads on screen: “December 21st, 2012.” Britney Spears walks in a sewer. A twentysomething man puts on goggles as he stands in a tunnel. On the street, two twentysomething women run to the sewer cover. A twentysomething man lifts it up. They get inside as smoke covers the city.

Spears and several twentysomething women perform a dance routine. She stands by a wall of golden lights and dances with a second twentysomething man. A rocket hits a building. In silhouette, she continues to dance by the golden lights. A building shreds into pieces. Spears by a column with several twentysomething men. Several people dance in silhouette by the wall of golden lights.

Debris blocks the tunnel. Flashes of scarlet red light Spears and the group of people as they sit in the corner. People rub against each other. The sun shines through the tunnel. The sprinklers drench them as they dance. Spears lifts the cover and views the sun.

Rating: 4/5

Britney Spears turns on the faucet inside an office building. The water was clear. She finds a glass of water and drinks it. The power was still out in the area. But they had food and a roof. Some people hold small desk fans by their face. She sits on a chair and spins in it.

Ambulance sirens were ringing somewhere on the next block. She looks out the building and sees some people walking around. Turning to the people inside the office, she says some of the other people survived. She rushes out of the building and waves her arms. A twentysomething woman approaches her and asks her if her boyfriend is inside. She takes the twentysomething woman with her and says he might be in the building with them.

The sun shines as Spears rides the bus to an evacuation area. The bus driver asks if everyone is okay. Spears says she’s shaken up. A few people chime in that they are hot. The bus driver says he turned the air conditioner up. Spears calls up her best friend. Her best friend answers right away, wanting to know where she is. Spears tells her she’s relieved to hear her voice. Everything was going to be okay.

Director: Ray Kay Year: 2011

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