Video Review: Drake & Future “Way 2 Sexy”

Drake lifts weights at the gym. He attends a exercise class with a group of twentysomething women and gazes at himself in the mirror. An animated twentysomething woman walks down the Hot Sauce aisle in the grocery store. She turns and Drake drinks the sauce. He flexes his bulging muscles, which spell out Too Sexy.

Back as a human, Drake takes a drag of his cigarette as he talks to two twentysomething women. A portly Drake walks on the beach. He holds his drink and rubs his belly as he watches the ocean. On a pirate ship, he holds a sword by him. A second twentysomething woman leans into him on the cover of a romance novel. With a shirt blowing in the wind, Drake dances on the sidewalk at night.

As Drambo in Drambo: Thirst Blood, he fires off machine gun and tosses it aside. Future films him as he places the bazooka on his shoulder. Drake peeks through the curtain of Future’s home and counts money. Future sits on the couch with a third twentysomething woman. An animated Future jiggles his pecs. A fourth twentysomething and thirtysomething woman become pregnant on sight.

Back as a human, Future and several twentysomething women dance by his car. Drake joins him and plays the guitar. Drake, Future, Kawhi Leonard, and a twentysomething man dance on the white sand on a mountain. In black-and-white, four twentysomething women sit on a couch. They mist each other with “Wet” perfume. Two women repeat “wet.” Drake holds up the bottle, saying “Wet by Drake.”

In color, a fourth twentysomething woman kisses Young Thug as he sits in a chair. Two twentysomething women file his nails. The animated twentysomething woman touches a display of Thug’s 2021 calendar. Wearing angel wings, he stands by two floral decorated swings, where two twentysomething women sit. For October, he takes an axe to some wood. Hands in his pockets, he stands by a pile of wood and pumpkins in the forest. He holds up a saw to a ice sculpture in December. An animated Drake and the twentysomething woman walk together in the store. He winks.

Rating: 4.5/5

The remake of Rambo, with Drake as lead drew interest on streaming. The reviews weren’t kind. However, it was true to Drake’s vision. It was a movie he had wanted to see as a teenager. The streaming service offers him a deal and he takes it.

He sits with a representative and develops a perfume with her. She asks him what he would like it to be. Drake simply says, “sexy.” He licenses his name to the perfume after approving it and films an advertisement for it. His agent tells him it’ll be in the stores within the year.

Drake considers touring. However, with his current ventures, it wasn’t necessary. He reads over a couple scripts and passes on them. The script wasn’t funny to him. He wanted to guffaw and snort with laughter as he read. It had to be Oscar worthy. Anything else was unacceptable.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2021

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