Video Review: Joel Corry, Jax Jones, Charli XCX & Saweetie “Out Out”

On television, a fiftysomething man and fortysomething woman sit behind desk at the news station. The fiftysomething man says “in our top report, international chaos caused by a new song ‘Out Out’. The fortysomething woman says, “breaking news: the song is causing people to party uncontrollably.  Hospital services are stretched.” In the footage, people dance at a party in a triple split screen. The fiftysomething man says, “we are urging people to stay in, lock your doors and whatever you do, do not turn on your radio.”

Lime green lasers shine as Joel Corry and Jax Jones play. Three twentysomething women talk in the corner at a party. A twentysomething man sits on a chair, drinking a beer and changing the stations on the television. An 18-year-old young man clicks on the song in his text messages and his body gets thrown to wall. The twentysomething man spills his beer as he dances.

Corry and Jones smile as they sit with reporters at their desk. Two twentysomething woman start twerking in the corner. The twentysomething man almost hits himself with his hand. The wind from oversized speaker pulls the pizza delivery man to the wall. Back at the studio, Jones plays the song on his phone. The fiftysomething man says the lyrics on-air. The chyron on the screen states: “we are experiencing technical difficulties please stand by.” Confetti falls into the studio as the reporters dance. The lights turn on inside the twentysomething man’s home. A message reads on the screen: “please stand by.”

Rating: 0/5

Doctors plead on the news station for people not to play the song. They can’t handle the intake and sending people out of state. The doctors say children are being affected and dying. The sixtysomething man says several cities are in lockdown. The radios will go silent in the area. It will allow time for the hospitals to recover.

People protest outside the hospital, playing the song. They say they have a right to listen to it. Several people collapse. Some nurses and medical assistants pass out in the parking lot. A doctor rushes to get the people inside as his body jerks to the music.

Corry and Jones urge people to listen to the song everywhere they go. Jones tells them it’s their right. Corry says they deserve to live their lives and not be in fear of whatever will happen. Jones says it’s their bodies and no one should be able to tell them what to do.

Director: Elliot Simpson Year: 2021


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